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Lloyd Mats
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RubberTite: Ideal Protection & Design

Lloyd Mats

Availability: In stock (custom made to order)


Durable Attractive Custom All Weather Automotive Floor Mats

These mats are a synthetic rubber product with a contemporary pattern featuring round "wells" across the whole mat surface. Liquid is trapped in these "wells" until the mats can be cleaned using a spray hose. These are the perfect all season mats for snow, rain and dirt protection. They can be swapped out for your personalized carpet mats when needed or used all year round.

Note: These mats should not be installed over existing carpet mats.

Starting from only $99


  • Available in Black, Grey, Tan or Crystal Clear Vinyl for every make and model
  • Bigger "wells" to capture more spills, water, dirt and mud
  • Exclusive round "well" design makes cleaning easy. Just use your spry hose to clean.
  • Heavy, long wearing material
  • Stays flexible in freezing weather
  • Non-skid nib backing and textured non-slip surface.
  • Equipped with factory compatible anchoring devices to keep them in place for safe vehicle operation